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Andy Skinner is an established mixed media artist and teacher who teaches regular workshops all over the world. Andy is an accomplished painter and ceramicist but is best known for his ‘industrial gothic’ altered art and assemblage pieces. His unique style is edgy, dark, and enigmatic, pushing the boundaries of the medium with new and innovative techniques.

Born and raised in Oxford, England, Andy was interested in art from a young age and the influence of his parents is obvious in his artistic style. His mother, a watercolour artist, encouraged Andy’s love of paints, while his father, an engineer with a knack for constructing amazing toys and gadgets from found objects, inspired the quirky and 3D elements of his altered art pieces.

Since giving up his successful ceramics business, Andy has immersed himself in the mixed media world he loves. He works as Executive Creative Consultant for DecoArt Inc, using his expertise to develop their innovative Media line of products, and is also a product designer for Stampendous and Tando Creative.

Mark Gould lives in West Sussex, England. He will tell you that he was never a really crafty person. His sister has that talent. It all started Christmas of 2011 when he made his sister a card. His interest has grown from there.  

Mark works as a Landscape gardener since he was 20. He has two very stupid cats called Spesh (yes it is short for special needs) and Pounce. In the past he has spent a lot of time climbing rock faces.

Mark is on the Andy Skinner Design Team and has been traveling teaching his great shabby chic techniques. We are happy to welcome him back to California. 
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Julie graduated with a degree in Illustration  from Kendall School of Design in Michigan. She moved to Kansas City to work for Hallmark Cards as a greeting card designer. After 10 years with Hallmark she pursued her dream and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico where she became a freelance artist and  had gallery representation for her one of a kind pieces of art . Wanderlust and desire hit again and she headed to California to study fine metal smithing and ceramics at California College of Arts and Crafts. Using  her variety of skills Julie has created her own mixed media style, and  has been working in this area for the past 12 years.  In 2017 she launched her line of SHRINKETS a line of shrink plastic  bead making tools using shrink plastic film. This product was finalist at Creativations best innovation for 2107. 

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